That’s me!

  Venturing into the depth of me!

Judging someone is very easy. I resorted to introspect and know myself. In the course, I learnt some things and took some opinions of my friends too. I wish to share it with you.

Umm, to start with, basically I am an introvert. I take time analyse and observe a certain level of comfort in you to talk to you. But once I do, you’ll label me a ‘chatter-box’. I don’t trust people easily. Pardon me at this point. And if you happen to find me mysterious, don’t be surprised.

My funny bones help me create a jolly environment. But that really depends on my mood. If I’m in a positive mood, you’ll enjoy the conversation with me. If you find me angry, people say I’m even more amusing.

I flush out what comes to my mind, my heart, not minding what people are minding to it. This makes people judgmental of mine being superior or arrogant. I’m unconcerned about others’ opinions about me. Actually I’m unconcerned and indifferent about anything. What you think about me is not my business..

Yup! Like most of the girls, I too panic in the most futile situations.
I have a low stress tolerance.(that’s why I don’t work more:P) That’s why I don’t find it comfortable to sit at one place for more than a particular span.

Please ask me for my opinion only if you are ready to listen to anything that is honest!
One of my friends told me, when she first met me she thought I was a disciplined person. Let me tell you, I break all possible rules I can and I want to, making me careless to norms. Adding to it, I am flexible too, in certain situations.

Meet my best friend. Sleep! We meet quite often. Sometimes even 3-4 times a day!

More than irritated, I get frustrated when things don’t go my way(I know my minus points too:P)
Being an avid reader and writer has made me more expressive in a non-verbal semblance. People call me a good writer, I aim to reach it’s superlative. The fact that people say that the ones who write are not that good orators, I am an exception. I am a good listener, a better chatter-box.
I am a confident person. Considering myself as a ‘resourceful person’ has made me more self-dependent and self-sufficient (to some extent).

I own a highly individualistic personality. The fact that I’m the youngest child in the family, alas made me kiddish!

One of my friends even told that I judge very fast. You’d definitely find me unpredictable. (Virgos are!)

I am usually mistaken to be an emotionally dependent individual. I’m crazy, to an extent that I am oblivious of the difference between fact and fiction.

I have yet to give a long list of adjectives apt for me, but resolve not to.
The bottom word: I am honest, sarcastic,insouciant, trustworthy, rebellious, artistic, etc. etc. etc. In short, I am not a bad company:P

Yet, if you find something non-convincing , why bother?:P

Fall in love
Love thy self

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