An Open Letter To My (Future) Boyfriend!!

Guys want their girls to be beautiful, understanding, loving, caring, etc., etc., This is a letter (again) to my future Mr. Right (not Mr. Perfect.) This letter is the counterpart of my first letter. An Open Letter To My (Future) Boyfriend!
                                                 An Open Letter To My (Future) Boyfriend!

Dear,Sometime back I was at a gift shop to buy a gift for my cousin. Surprisingly I brought a gift to gift you (Though you are yet to come).Shona, I know when you are going to introduce me to your friends, you’d be nervous on their reactions. Trust your choice;p.

People say you need a strong head and a lot of patience to handle girls. I reckon to challenge this thought. Girls are just a little more innocent than needed. Yet you need them to complete ‘you’.

People even kid that, ‘don’t you get bored with one girl all your life?’. I have too too too many versions of me to show to you. And of course, your presence will elicit  more variations as well.

I am crazy, to an extent that the difference between fact and fiction is usually blurred. Because I live in my created realm. But the seat beside me is still vacant. Only for you.

Though I think, imagine and fantasize a lot, I don’t munch over things (anymore):P
So, incase you don’t feel like replying, or it totally slipped out of your mind, its ok. I won’t call you up to bash you. No matter how much we fight day and night at the end of the day I want to be with you.

Today I’ll tell you my shortcoming. I’m enormously selfish, unconcerned and indifferent about anything or anyone. May be because of this, people feel mistreated. But this gives no thought to my being unemotional. I care for people. I just take a lot of time to show it. And once I show, you’d ask me to stop, I reckon.
As this is a long-term investment, let me tell you, that future fruits shall be sweeter.

Okay something good. (Narcissist me:P)
I get too possessive. (what’s good?) I’ll never show and so you’d never know.

You know after reading the first letter I wrote to you, I had people telling me that I’m too closed to give you some space for yourself! But I’m a person who doesn’t envelop feelings.

In the dark clouds of rain my eyes search for you. So that, when in somewhile it rains, I can dance with you
In the cold winds of winter, I wait for you. So that I can hold you tight. Your voice is awaited to ring in my ears.

Damn! again the list went long! But Shona chill, I want to love you for who you are. Cause I care to read the white portion of the page. Cause I want to see the sun of the day. Cause I cherish the stars in the dark.
I want to grow old with you. And at the end, I want to die in your arms.

Just waiting for thee in my dreams.

Yours only(today and always)

* Shona means sweetheart in Bengali
**Though I’m sharing my feelings in an catastrophizing manner, doesn’t really mean I’m desperate to have you, my love;)


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