Episode-1 And We Know!

                                      And We Know!

This is a novelette! My first ever story:D Enjoy the serial and do comment and let me know you liked it:D

A day in your thought
An hour talking about you
A minute with you
And in a second, you go!
Wait! I have yet to say something, 
I love you. 
For who you are. 
A poem, she read. She +1’d                                                                                    downloamd
He was a mad poet. And she was a mad poetry lover!
There is something weird about these social networking sites. They, in favor add numerous people in your list whom you may not know personally. But yeah! they are wonderful beings! These sites have been really helpful in making people meet various people ranging from the worst to the best. Sometimes soul-mates too, who are indeed destined to live together!
With this we have not only widened our circle of friends and family, but we also increase the proximity of the relation which has nothing to do with physical closeness. Barring the fact that it has also been misused many-a-times, perhaps the positive aspect, which always attracts me, connecting people.
Here’s how they met….
Google and twitter are some of many social networking sites where no one knows anyone, you can babble out whatever comes to your mind, not minding what someone thinks of you. Plus, I personally believe it is a better mode of connecting to more and more people since more people have actually started using it.
She liked poems and he liked writing them. For the reason that she loved his poems, she followed him, so as not to miss any. He followed back, owing to the fact that there were already many mutual followers plus she always shared his poems, liked and commented on them too. And who doesn’t like attention, especially if it’s from a girl?
It was she who initiated the talk. He, a soldier. She, a pure commerce student.  He, a poet. She, a poetry lover. He, an extrovert. She, a bubbly chatter box.  And a fact-of-nature, commons are more likely to attract faster, more than opposites. Soon, they started talking. Their chats grew daily. The conversation ranging from likes-dislikes to love to life.
Their relation grew, from acquaintances to friends. From friends to ‘just friends’. Month passed and they continued talking daily. She knew everything about him. His friends, his family, his likes-dislikes,  what he feared, all what he considered as his strength. What he does, when he does. Everything. He knew everything about her. Even the things she hadn’t told anybody else yet and only a select few from her girl-gang knew. Everything!
She meant something to him. He meant something to her.
Stay tuned… Shall post the next episode soon. 
Till then,
Fall In Love and Love yourself:)
The second episode is up. Let me know if you like it.


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