Episode-2 And We Know!

And We Know!


This is a novelette.! My first story ever:D. In-case you missed and would like to read the first episode, here you go!

Episode: 2

She saw a dream
She holding his hands
He saw a dream
She smiling
Their dream was,
To be together,
Only if dreams came true…
Everyday, early in the morning she would wait for his poem. Now, more than poems, she loved his poems. She wasn’t amongst the ones who would get flattered by words. But his words? So magical. It was like he was casting a spell on her.
He, on the other side would always wait for her comment on his poem. Not that he was worried whether it was good or bad, but whether she liked it or not. That became his concern. He would read it several times, this time with her point of view.
The most weird thing about their relation was, neither of them knew their respective original names nor where they actually hailed from, forget about exchanging numbers. Yet the trust and the aura of the relation was intact.
Her company was like a blessing for him. He felt so secure talking to her. Since he came from the border some while ago, he didn’t have to worry to go back too early. He would wake up early just to write a few lines in her memory and post it to wait for her comment. Once when he was writing, he got a thought, what’s her name? I don’t even know her name. Where is she from? How does she look like, for her DP is a Tom-and-Jerry?
That was the day, when he asked her for the first time, her name. ‘Mishty.’
Such a sweet name.’ He said.
‘What’s your name?’ She asked.
‘Samar.’ He said.
He didn’t ask her anything else. She didn’t want to know anything, for she believed she knew enough.
He almost completed counting two rosaries remembering her name as if it was a mantra and he had to memorize it or it would be a bad omen for him. But he didn’t stop. Her name was indeed sweet. He almost slept taking her name for almost a hundredth time.
The only thing he did after waking up was to check the comment on his last post. It was like a ritual for them. The first thing after waking up and the last thing before sleeping. And there she was standing on his screen, bringing a smile on his face.
He was so very addicted that he forgot the world outside her. Also, he didn’t want to listen to anyone asking him to give up this addiction.
That’s how you would love to see. the unknown side of the world with different eyes. The truth is, it’s only you who can see that way.
Stay tuned… Shall post the next episode soon. 
Till then,
Fall In Love and Love yourself:)
In-case you missed the first post, here you go!
The third episode is up. Let me know if you like it.


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