Episode-3 And We Know!


And We Know!

This is a novelette! My first ever story:D Enjoy the serial and do comment and let me know you liked it:D

Episode: 3

She, He thought
Was more beautiful
Than the rainbow
He saw after the rains
Or the dew drops
in the morning.
Her face owned a luster,
Only he could see that.
Too many days passed and it would soon be time he would be back to border. Their relation grew from no one to someone. He had an urge to speak to her. He was sure, her voice would be sweeter than her name. Don’t know how to ask her number, he wondered.
‘Mishty, where do you live?’
‘Bangalore. You?’ She asked.
‘Depends on the posting. My family lives in Vadodra in Gujarat.’
The distance was more. In-fact both of them let out a sigh. Only if co-incidence helped them here too.
Suddenly she asked a weird question.
‘Do you trust me?’
‘Of course, why do you ask?’
‘What am I to you?’
‘I trust you, I like you. You own a unique place in my life. It’s you whose name I want to see first thing flashing on my screen when I wake up. Sums it up?’
She smiled. Or rather blushed.
‘Tell me, why do you ask so?’ He asked.
‘I wanted to know whether I mean the same to you, what you mean to me or not. It has been months we are chatting and I wasn’t sure about my presence in your life.’ Her innocence just touched him.
‘Can I get your number?’ He just asked it finally.
Without a second thought she gave it and in a few seconds there was a call from an unknown number, it was him.
“Hey, Samar here.” His magical voice had a tinge of nervousness.
“Hey.” Her voice, sweeter than her name.
“What’s up?” He asked to hide the obviousness.
“You mind if we just chat? My family doesn’t know about you yet.” She said.
Batake to call karte (You could inform before calling). She typed quickly.
‘I’m so sorry.’ She could imagine his voice and the tone of the ‘sorry’ too.
‘It’s okeh.’ She replied.
‘So your family won’t accept our relationship?’ The last word pulled her into a deep thought.
‘I don’t know.’ Was all she could manage to say.
So they were sure of calling what was between them as ‘a relationship’. But fate always has something else to offer.

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Stay tuned… Shall post the next episode soon. 
Till then,
Fall In Love and Love yourself:)
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