Episode-4 And We Know!


And We Know!

This is a novelette! My first ever story:D Enjoy the serial and do comment and let me know you liked it:D



A hand to touch
A heart to love
A presence to comfort
A shoulder to cry
Can make you live forever.
But you know what?
Forever is myth!

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A six month old relation was now taking a leap. They were in love. What one calls truly, madly, deeply. Lapsing the regional and religious inequality, they decide to live together, forever. Alas! The most difficult task, convincing their parents for this. Well, it was pretty easy for Samar. His parents would gladly welcome a girl of his choice. Mishty was worried. She had never discussed anything about this matter and she didn’t know if they would agree or not. She had to say it. For her. For Them.

She was sure of what she wanted. She was sure that she wanted to spend her days to come with him. She was sure that she’s going to listen to her heart. With a firm contest she went to the drawing room. Her parents were relaxing. The best time to say it, she thought.
“Mom, Dad, I want to say something,” she started. Her parents stared at her in curiosity.
“I like a guy.” That’s it. And then she was flooded with questions she never thought would be asked to her. However, she had to be patient. Answer each of them, with utmost care. It’s not easy, right? Convincing parents. They are concerned. They don’t want their child to take a wrong decision and shatter their whole lives. But Mishty’s parents weren’t dissenting. They promised to agree once they met the guy and if they liked him and only when they are sure that that guy would keep their daughter the way they have been keeping or may be in a better way, they would be willing to let her live her dreams.

That was it! She rushed to her room quickly just to inform Samar. A gleeful smile on her face. But he didn’t pick up the phone. After a few minutes, it signaled switched off. He was gone. Last night all he could manage was to drop an e-mail, saying that he was called back and he wasn’t sure when he would return. Only if she had read this mail before she felt he had betrayed her. But it wasn’t too late. Was it?


Stay tuned… Shall post the next episode soon. 
Till then,
Fall In Love and Love yourself:)
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