Episode-5 And We Know!

And We Know!

This is a novelette! My first ever story:D Enjoy the serial and do comment and let me know you liked it:D




I want to search you,
In all my words.
I want to search you,
Through the mist of my eyes.
I want to search you,
When I’m alone or in the crowd.
I want to search you,
Nowhere else, but in my dreams. 

It has been two months since she last spoke to him. Life has almost been miserable to her. She doesn’t eat much and passes sleepless nights just worrying about him. Back of her mind, all she is worrying is whether he will return or not. She, glancing the moments spent with him, recalls that he often said, ‘trust God.’ Being an atheist she never did. She in-fact hated the mere word. He always said that this trait is on the contrary to most of the girls. They do believe and make people believe in God. She believed, because he believed. She spent endless minutes at the balcony or on the computer reading his poems and their chats, looking at her phone hoping for a message or call, only from him.

And she dived… In the past..
.2014 - 1

When : The Past (2 years ago)
Time : Monsoon
Place : The Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

At six in the morning, when the lazy bums are sleeping and when the so-called early morning risers, head towards the parks and gyms, Mishty decided to go for a morning walk with her friend Anoushka. Anoushka was to bring her cousin brother with her. Mishty actually didn’t like the idea but she couldn’t say anything. She waited at the gate for both of them to come and there! They walked towards her. Anoushka looked cute that day. Mishty was actually busy noticing the new guy in the city. He looked like what a girl calls ‘hot’, but decent.

For him, Mishty was elegant. His eyes got instantly attracted to her hair. Those strands falling on her face and that kohl in her eyes, made her look beautiful. She smiled at him. He got lost in the smile too. Pious!
He lent his hand ahead and said, “Hey, I’m Samar.”

Stay tuned… Shall post the next episode soon. 
Till then,
Fall In Love and Love yourself:)

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