A Moment…

For you,
Mom and Dad. :*

There are moments to cherish
Some to love
Some to laugh on
And some to re-live.

The rays of the sun,
brings a new hope, a new day
your presence in our lives
makes the moon of our life shine bright.


The stars have something to say to you,
when you smile, we shine
when you cry, we burn enormously
As we light the sky,
you are the hope of someone else’s life.

Mom, Dad,
you are the unsung heros of our lives,
you protected us from the careless world
and yeah, I know you would continue doing so,
Just be the way you are,
holding our hands tight in the storm or the dark.
Smiling between the odds and laughing the worries out.


Fall In Love
Love Thyself:)
Cheers 😀

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on “A Moment…
One Comment on “A Moment…
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