A Letter To My Father!

An Unsung Hero! My Hero. Dad!

Dear Dad,

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was the doctor’s face. Let alone his face, I don’t even know his name. All remember is what I have been seeing all these years. Your name behind mine. Your smile when I do little things which on paper holds no value. Yet those small things made you smile, made you proud, your chest broader an inch!

A love of many, a mentor to me. You!
You know what, Dad? Once my friend asked me ‘why doesn’t your Dad know English?’ I used to feel sad about it then. Why is that every parent of my friend’s know English and why not you? Today I laugh at this girl, who at 14 thought this. I now love you more because you don’t know English. It is you who taught me the meaning of a language. The language of love.

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The flash-back?
Mom always says, that when I was a baby, I always cried when you weren’t around. Even today, I leave a sigh of relief and my heart smiles when you are around.
I still remember, when we yet lived in Bangalore, you used to come home tired. Yet, just to make me smile you played with me. Be it just for a few minutes. Yes, today you want to play and I don’t.
You slept besides me just to make me feel safe. Perhaps, I had always been scared that you would leave me and go and sleep with Maa in the other room. I used to tangle our hands. I was just 9 then, I remember.
And that? You taught me how to cycle?

All these years, I have known so much about you. The way you have been all through your life time. A busy, hardworking, social man. A person who loves to talk (maybe that’s why I speak so much). A person who is particular about so much (I am yet to learn that part). A person there for his siblings. A person there for anyone in need. There is so much you teach me without saying anything.

Yes, it’s you who gave me a life to live and taught me how to live it. It’s you who can make me smile without a said gesture. A man who raised me. Who has always been there whenever I have needed. Who taught me to be a mature girl. Yet, the one who allows me be insane in front of him. And yeah! The way you become a kid in-front of me, you have no idea how crazy I go! The one who loves me beyond my falsity. The one, with whom, if given a chance, I would love to spend the rest of my life. An unsung Hero. My hero!

I love you Dad :*
Today and always.

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