A Thousand Imaginary Worlds!

She walked through the road. He was beside her. She looked at him and smiled. It was more a blush. All he did was, smile and gaze at her. That road, deserted. That sky, cloudy. That moment, pleasant. Sometimes, she hoped, they could stay this way, without the world’s knowledge of their existence. Without the world around. Only he, with her. Her head on his shoulder and his arms around her. Making her feel as if she was the safest creature in the universe.
The leaves seeing off the tree, kissing the ground. Their feet finally burying them in crushes. Some leaves falling on the bench at the side of the road. They brushed it with their hands and made a room for themselves to sit. She had so much in her mind. She just wanted to say it to him and not worry about the mess she had created, if any. He keenly listens to all of them. His chin on his palms and elbow on his knees, with a smile in his eyes. A weird chatter-box she was, perhaps, not for him. For him, she was a poetry. Which only he could understand.
She wants, Him. He needs, Her. No, not like oxygen. More like moisture of the eyes. They may dry out without the moisture, but not die.
They never realized when the sun left them with the cloudy sky and a drizzle. He didn’t move. It was more pleasant. She beside him, this way.
The chai (Tea) corner a few steps away, they walked to. The drizzle, the fragrance of the wet mud and a beautiful company, he had all the three. What he cherished was the sips of tea with her and the drops of the rain from between the coat he was holding over their heads. Within few words, they created realms, where they both lived in. A thousand imaginary worlds.



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