The Centipede’s Dance.

The Centipede’s Dance. 

The turtle walked,
With slow soft paws,
Head held high,
A smile on his tiny face.
Saw a centipede and frowned.
He envied!
Having hundred hands and legs,
How gracefully he danced!

A plan he tricked,
Told the centipede to meet him;
He asked in the meeting,
About the secret of his dance,
Whether he lifted the first foot first?
Or the 8th foot first?
Then the 97th foot or the 31st foot?
How he crossed the legs?
And how he turned?


Left the centipede to think of the answers.
And there!
Mission accomplished!
Centipede forgot the idea to dance.

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on “The Centipede’s Dance.
One Comment on “The Centipede’s Dance.
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