If you could be.

If you could be the songs,
I would be the lyrics to them that could make anyone smile even in the midst of the night.
If you could be the trees,
I would be the winds that kisses you every now-and-then.
If you could be a flower,
I would be the fragrance that lets people love our relation more..
If you could be music,
I would be the dance that instantly lets me spring in joy with the imprints on my ears.
If you could be the Earth,
I would be the moon that doesn’t change either the distance or the affection from you.
If you could be sleep,
I would be the dream that doesn’t allow me to wake up.
If you could be rain,
I would be the peacock that waits for you and dances in joy when you are around.
If you could be a letter,
I could be it’s meaning.
If you could be a paper,
I am the pen that writes with broken words and kisses the lives of people with the little pieces.
If you could be.



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