The Words I forgot to say.

A remembrance to our late loving Grandma.
By C.A. Nirali Jagdish Shah


Every night I wait,
I wait to hear the unsaid stories.
Every morning I urge,
I urge that you wake me up.

The afternoons want to hear your songs.
Every evening I hope,
I hope that you are waiting for me.

My laughter misses your laughter,
My eyes miss the smile that took away my tears.
My pains look for your magical hands.
My ears long to hear your voice.

My days started with you.
My days that ended talking to you.
My heart still skips a beat
When I think of your last journey.
My heart still wants you back,
To be with me in my journey.

(Photo Courtesy : C.A. Nirali Jagdish Shah )

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on “The Words I forgot to say.
One Comment on “The Words I forgot to say.

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