Thousand Unspoken Words!

She stood on the bridge, all alone. Waiting for him to come. Dawn had set in and a meeting was planned between two untamed souls. She loved mornings and he loved her.
“At 6, be there.” She said, the other evening.

2015-03-09 00.04.28

He rushed from his home with a huff and constantly lifting his left wrist. He stopped afar the pool with his palms on his knees, exhaling loudly.

He saw her gazing over the bridge, at the silent pleasures of the morning, at the tranquility of the unsmoked sky and of the tidy river scraps. Beauty was confused till then. A soul who failed to praise this beauty, his beauty, failed to have said lived. He thought love was purest forms of forms. But the beauty his eyes held from afar, was purer.

He walked ahead and let his quiet breaths make a presence in the silent morning. Her eyes shut instantly and a smile raced on her lips. She turned around.

And somewhere, two pairs of eyes spoke a thousand unspoken words, in silence.


(Photo Courtesy : Fenil Shah)

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