She’s a ghost!

She was sitting with her head in her hands and along with her, on the bench, sat an open umbrella. Nope, it was not raining. But yeah, little drizzles pulled the noon to evening. From far, if you would have noticed her, she looked like a person who was crying, or sad, or worried, or anything but normal.

I was with Samar. We walked to a nearby cafeteria after a long tiring day; and he was still glued to the phone. (Committed friends are a real pest.)
“I think we should talk to her.” I said.
“She’s a ghost.” He bluntly said.
Like you, even I didn’t believe him. But she was beautiful. Something compelled me to talk to her.
I stopped where she sat, kept my hand warmly on her shoulder. Perhaps, that wasn’t warm for her, she suddenly stood up and freaked me a little. Between all this, all I could mutter was “I am s-o-r-r-y.”
“Never mind.” She said and looked down and up and in an uneasy way.
“Is everything okay?” I asked.
“Not your business.”
Honestly, this wasn’t a reply I expected. And just when I thought of walking away, she said again.
“I am sorry. I am so messed up that I treated a sweet gesture too badly.”
“That’s okay.” I smiled at her. With my silence, an awkward silence followed.
“Btw, I am Mishty.” She said.
“A sweet name. I am Kabir.” I said.
“Hie.” After a 15 minute encounter, I saw her smile.
“I think I should leave, or do you want to join us?” I offered.
“Us?” Oops. I forgot to tell her, I already had a company who had a company of his phone.
“Yes, that’s my friend. Samar.” I showed her.
“Sure.” Whaaaaat. Yes. She said yes. And trust me, I was surprised, but Samar was shocked.
And somewhere with laughs and smiles, we exchanged something unmatchable. She was pretty.
“Is it okay to ask girl’s number or it’s a taboo?” I asked.
“Haha. no. It’s not.”
A smile that didn’t leave my face till I reached home, till I was fast asleep. I wondered, if she was smiling too.
Next morning I woke up with a dream. ‘Dinner? At 9. The same place we met.’ The message read. The smile that vanished amidst my sleep came back.
‘Sure.’ I typed back. And I was so glad that I didn’t realise when I slept back.
The first thing I did was to tell Samar. With a blink he wiped the idea. “I am telling you stay away from that girl.” He snapped back.
‘He’s jealous. Mishty is hot. And his girlfriend isn’t. One day he’s going to realise that she’s a good girl.’ I thought and let him go off.

At 8:45 I stood before the same bench we met. Surprisingly the road was empty. I entered the cafeteria and looked around. At prime time, it was empty. A two waiters and nobody. I saw her sitting facing her back towards me. I walked to her with the flowers that I brought. She was already eating something.
“Hie.” I said before I actually looked at her.
“You’re late.” She said with blood stained teeth.
“Fuccckk.” I just uttered. She looked pale but her hands seemed to enjoy someone’s bone. I looked at my watch. 11 PM. No. I don’t think I took 2 hours to get into an empty cafeteria.
Samar’s words struck. “She’s a ghost.” Fear moved up and down my veins but I tried not showing it on my face.
“You seem to be eating someone’s bones.” I said.
“That’s the manager’s arms.” She said. “And I am still hungry.” She moved towards me.
“No. Mishty, you want to kill me?” I was panicking now.
“I just want to eat you. Why will I kill you?” And she left an evil laughter. And grabbed my hand.
“Nooooo.” And my phone rang.
“Hello. Kabir. No office today. The director’s father passed away. Sleep as much as you want. It’s 11 already, btw.” Samar said.
“Mishty is a ghost? Err No” I muttered.

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