Love beyond forever

He kept quiet. Vani was still crying. “How could you do this to me?” She shouted. Amay didn’t have an answer. She kept crying. He kept on staring at her, helplessly.


He was a patient person. She was a hyper active and a chatter-box. But, one would adore her. She would talk about anything and everything yet you would want to keep listening to her. Amidst all her dumb chatters, he fell in love with a chaotic yet an organised girl.
“I am a mess.” She would say. He was too much in love with her to think about such things. For him, she was a beautiful mess.

Somewhere between her tears, she went back to the days when they used to have conversations that she would want to never forget.
“I love you like you love chattering.” He used to say.
“You will never leave me. Will you?” She asked.
“Never.” He reassured.
Usually on a weekend, they would go out for parties, get drunk and would return home holding each other when either of them would fall. Or would sit home and watch a movie together or play snakes and ladder. She was his. He loved to be hers. Sometimes this is what you want, right? A person who would allow you to be a kid in front of them and would become one too, just to make you smile.

At 2AM, she would call him just to listen to nothing. This time, he sent a text.
‘Vani, Will you be my forever?’
Reading this, she called him up instantly. Because this time, it was not nothing, it was something. Something really really pleasant. Or rather, something that she had been waiting for.
“No.” She said, teasingly.
“What?” He was shocked.
“I want to be your poem. Forever.” She said.
It was perfect. Two wandering souls searching for one another had someone to rely on.

“Happiness is short-lived.” He once said. She panicked.
“What do you mean?” She questioned.
“I mean, I might not be the same tomorrow and you will not love me anymore.” He said. His voice was too low. He was nervous to admit to her about the truth.
“You might not be the same? Obviously. You will grow old and will need a stick to walk. I will still remain beautiful.” She joked and laughed alone.

Perhaps, he meant, he wouldn’t have a body. He would be a wandering soul. She would be staring at a lifeless body. And he would be long gone. Far from the worries and pleasures of the world.

“How could you do this to me?” She shouted.
He couldn’t answer. His voice was far beyond her reach.

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