His Birthday

She slammed the door after her. Her mother kept shouting, like every month. Had her father been there, he would have smiled at her for what she does. Maybe that is why sneaking out of the house before anybody woke up was a better option to her.

On the second of every month, Mishty would go to the orphanage next to her home and celebrate someone’s birthday. Months were less, birthdays were more. But the children were happy, and she was happy.
When someone would ask for their birthday, they would proudly say, “when Mishty di celebrates ours.”

Mishty would divide her salary and one portion was for the kids. Their books, toys, and yes, the birthday.

At a book fair, one day, she met him. He didn’t look like someone who would read books. Torn clothes, half pant and innocent eyes.
She bent down to him and asked him, “What’s your name?” He smiled.
“The first person who wants to know my name. Here everyone gives me names they like. Yesterday that uncle called me ‘Bewakuf.’ He doesn’t know I know the meaning.” He said.
Mishty giggled. “You know the meaning? What’s the meaning of your name?”
“My name is Srinivas. It means light.” His eyes twinkled whislt he said his name. She instantly smiled at the kid.
“What are you doing here?” She asked.
“I wish I could read.” He sighed. The next moment she was holding his hand and she took him with her. She knew she couldn’t take him home, but she really wished she could. He didn’t question, simply walked with her.

Orphanage became his new home. Lovely kids, his new friends. Srinivas was a really sweet kid. People at the orphanage instantly liked him. He would make people smile by sometimes doing nothing at all.
Mishty asked him, “Do you know when’s your birthday?”
He smiled. “On 2nd of next month.”
“Why do you keep smiling when I ask you something.” She asked.
“It’s only you who wants to know something about me.” He said.

He was special to her. And yes, His Birthday!
She sneaked out of her home early in the morning, like any other 2nd and take the cake she dropped at her friend’s home to celebrate his birthday. When Srinivas saw the cake, he ran towards her and hugged her with teary eyes.
“You’re an angel. Do you know?” He said, between his tears.
“You’re an angel. Do You know?” She repeated, trying to hold back her tears.


When she came back home, smiling, her mother started shouting, like any other month. She was concerned for her child. And her child was concerned about unknown, unnamed children.

Spread smiles. 🙂

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