Soul Mate

A beautiful poem penned by my lovely friend, Aneri Shah. Leave your comments below and make her feel loved. :*

That look in your eyes,
Such a beautiful blue;
My heart stopped beating,
That was when, I knew it was you.


The waves ceased hitting the rocks at the shore,
She stood there looking at the guy she adored,
He hugged her hard and lifted her off her feet;
The time had stopped by, finally,
Her search was complete.

That wasn’t their first date,
Or the date they first met,
It was their last time together.
Something she would never forget.
That night, she dressed up like a bride hoping to be his.
Little did she know,
The night was long and morning was a curse.

“You jump, I jump.” He said.
“Hold on love, we have to survive.”
He broke his promise and went miles apart.
While, she stayed alive.

He still resided in her memory,
And her life, on that date.
For even if he was gone, their love was true.
He was her soul-mate.


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