Minuscule tales 3

Srinivas lived in his own dream land. He, sometimes counted the stars and sometimes, talked to a few of them. They were friends to him. They told stories to him or sometimes they even let him rant about how no one understood his love for things that only fairies could explain.
His life changed when his rabbit looking tooth broke and he placed it under his pillow.

“Who gave this to you?” His mother shouted.
“I am telling the truth, Maa. The tooth fairy gave it to me.” Nine year old Srinivas cried. He was shivering with the fright of his mother even though he knew it was he who was right.
“I am not letting you go to the terrace unless you give this bag of fairy wands and chocolates to me.” His mother said with a low voice. He kept quiet. It is always tough to decide between gifts.

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