Minuscule tales 6

After many years, I had a reason to smile. I finally got a job to sustain myself. I would actually call that as my independence. I would no more be a burden to my family. I was smiling.

All through my way back home, I recalled how I came back home after my faulty marriage. How people constantly ranted when I sat in the innermost room or the kitchen where I would perfectly hear everything but chose not to. It was my fault according to them. It was my mistake that I couldn’t sustain my marriage. It was my mistake that I couldn’t hold on to the constant beatings by my husband. But then, I deserved to smile too.

When I reached home, all faces I saw were gloomy. There were too many people at home who I often heard ranting about me. I didn’t choose to say anything. I was too confused, actually, to say something. I remained quiet and kept looking at them. My mother came near me and whispered in my ears being careful that no one else heard.

“Your husband died drinking something. That monster succumbed to his own fate. You are a free soul.”


P.S. The woman isn’t me. I am not married. 😛

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