Minuscule tales 7

The room smelt of something Mishty never thought of. There was peace; yet the noise her ears couldn’t bear. The night was serene, but there was no beauty she saw every night. Random voices of baby cries or the bedbugs chirp, but the voices in her head were louder. She was calm.

“we need to talk.” Kabir said.

“Something more left to say?” She asked with a low voice trying hard not to cry.

“Mishty, listen to me.” He began.

“Kabir, you want me to listen to more of your lies? what do you want me to listen to? That you and that bitch are in a relationship?”

“I can explain.”

“Leave.” She said with a low voice. He stood there for a few minutes, hoping that she would listen to him. But then, you can’t overuse someone’s nicety.

She sat there recalling all what made her smile, all the books she read that taught her lessons of life. What she learnt this time was, people teach better lessons we fail to learn.


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