Minuscule tales 10

“I told you not to leave me.” She said.
“I wouldn’t ever leave you, sweetheart.” He said.
“You aren’t here either.”
“I am, in your heart. Look around, I am with you, only invisible. And then, that’s the beauty, isn’t it? Sometimes, you don’t need the person around. But then you know, they are there for you, holding your hand invisibly when you feel you are going to fumble.”
“It is not. No. It isn’t.” She looked into the sky, holding her phone.
“Sometimes, some things are not in our control. Just like the ebbs and the tides. One or the other day something or someone is drastically going to change your life. And you can’t do anything about it. Think of the brighter side. You have a new life now. You have someone to look after now. Happiness is not even far off from your eyes.”
“Happiness was seeing you. Happiness was your guidance. Happiness was the toffees you gave to me. Happiness was sleeping peacefully whilst you sat besides me till I slept.”
“Happiness is where you are.”
She fell quiet.
Nobody can win against fathers. Not even daughters.

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