Minuscule tales 9

“What are you trying to do Mishty?” Veer asked.

“Trying to find ways to shut up. But right now I am looking for my tongue. Have you seen it?” She asked, yet fiddling under the bed and above the bed and pulling to curtains away, pretending to search something.
“That’s insane. Your tongue is inside your mouth.” Veer flushed.
“Exactly, Veer. Your potentials are inside you. You idiot head, searching for what you have, from random strangers.” Mishty snapped back. He kept silent.

Strange things happen in life. And there are people, whose life itself is strange. Veer believed that he was strange, not his life and not the situations in his life. If you have an over-view of his life, he was happy, successful and brilliantly talented. The only hole in his life was his unsuccessful attempts to deal with something he was really good at.
‘If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.’ He proved Albert Einstein’s quote. He could explain the rules laws of physics better than anyone. But explaining something is not the only aspects.

“I know you are putting in efforts. What you have to stop worrying is, whether you can do it or not. I bet you can, if you stop worrying.” She said. “When Einstein’s laboratory was on fire, he was happy. Because he didn’t have to show evidences to people that he had put in efforts. Alright. I am not giving you a lecture. I just want to say, you can do it. Just believe in yourself.”
“Einstein? Really?”
“Okay, I am not sure about that but yeah, it if comforting to know.” She said biting her lower lip.
He smiled. “You are comforting.”

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