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She tried calling him up, it wasn’t reachable. It worried her. Was he fine? She picked up her handbag and left for his office. The receptionist said in an uneasy voice that he did not come. She could sense the tension. She turned around and began to walk. And there he was! Hand-in-hand with a woman she had never seen. The lady was laughing and then patted his shoulder playfully. Maya quivered; she unnoticed the scene and walked away.

“What’s going on between that bitch and my husband?” Maya’s temper began to rise.
“There’s nothing going on, Maya. You are mistaking him.” Sanjay tried and put in the effort to calm her down.
“Non-sense. Your husband is a cheat.” Shreya rolled her eyes, half-seated on the arm of the sofa chair. The room was unusual and so was the robe that I wore. But that wasn’t the concern.

“Your husband is a bastard. Forget him.” Tanya commented sipping her coffee from alongside the drapes.
“He is not, Maya. He is not. There has to be a misunderstanding.” Sanjay tried his best to console.
“Sanjay, I saw him with a woman. There was something between them. There isn’t any misunderstanding.”
“Alright. Calm down. Maybe it’s just healthy flirting and you are taking in the wrong sense?”
“Healthy flirting? Seriously? There is nothing healthy about flirting and not at least for married men.”
“I’m telling you, he never loved you.” Shreya made her presence.
“Don’t listen to them, Maya,” Sanjay said.
“You know him very well, Sanjay. Don’t you? Is he having an affair? Did he tell anything about it to you? Did he sleep with her?”
“God, no. Maya, your husband would never do that.”
“He’s right,” Kabir said something for the first time, rather convincing.

Just then someone knocked the door. He opened it without waiting for permission.
“Good morning beautiful. I hope Maya is doing fine this morning.” He said with a friendly smile uncomfortable enough for her.
“Who are you? And how do you know my name?” She panicked.
“My name is Shrinivas. I’m your doctor.” Maya looked around. There was nobody. On the door, there was a board that said ‘Sanjeevani Mental Care’. She froze.
“Where’s my husband? I want to see him.”
“He’s dead. You killed him, three years ago!”

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  1. Where that came from? Like an unexpected slap on your face. Like an unexpected hand on your shoulder on a lonely dark night. Took my breath away. Not exaggerating.

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