Orange Moon

Two years ago, on this day, a man of my dreams came in my dreams to tell me that I was the most precious person he’s ever had.

“Even in my dreams, I don’t want to lose you.” He said. It’s pretty obvious you’d see me blush when he says things like that. And I did. I blushed like a teenager would; like when the very first crush would even wave a hi! Or she becomes ‘the Queen’ on the Graduation night. Those things don’t come easy. You’ve to be very lucky for it. And I was for this.

“Tell me, ma’am, would you find it pleasurable to ride with me on a horse cart?” And I had no words, I simply managed a sheepish nod. He rushed up on the cart and gave me a hand. I can’t tell you how my face was blushing pink and how my heart was pumping at an enormous rate that all I heard was my heartbeats in the quiet night, with a few dogs barking here and there and some bugs and beetles chirping. He helped me up and we were now on the most beautiful journey. Roads half lit, shops all closed, people all home and a few couples holding hands and I felt like a princess. He held my hand and told me that he doesn’t want to let go of me. Letting me go off would mean he’s losing out on breaths. Oh, that was too poetic but trust me, if you had heard it, you’d fall for it too. Four blocks later, he helped me down the horse cart. He got the place so well decorated, I can’t tell you how my eyes were so delighted to see everything that’s around.

“Do you like it?” He asked. I still didn’t use words to describe anything that I was feeling. I simply grinned. He walked behind me and whispered in my ear, “the sky of our dreams. Choose a moon.” I turned around to see what he was saying. Just then, he got down on his knee. Can you believe it? HE GOT DOWN ON HIS KNEE.

“My love, wake up. It’s just a dream.”

//The Orange Moon For My Sky.//


(Image: Erik Johansson)

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