Rains and kisses

“I miss the way the scent of the mud feels during the rains.” She smiled with her chin elevating towards the sky, acknowledging its presence.
“I admire the way you romanticise about everything.” He chuckled.
“Who doesn’t enjoy the rains?”
“Being stuck in the traffic after that? Uh uh..” he shook his head in denial.
“Why do you see the negatives in everything? I mean, look at the sky. It is so beautiful.”
“What about it? The clouds? I don’t see anything beautiful.”
“He said it right, who said ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, you’re clearly not seeing it. You know when does the sky look extremely beautiful?”
“When it is with a full moon?” He asked.
“No. It’s between the time that it doesn’t rain and it rains. It’s like the minute when you’re closer breathing the same air someone else is breathing and you don’t know whether you’d kiss that person or you won’t. You never know, if it’s going to rain or not.”
“And what makes that beautiful?” He was amused.
“We’re so lost in finding a security, we fail to realize how beautiful uncertainty too, can be.”
“So you find uncertainty beautiful. What if you’re in an uncertain relationship?”
“Isn’t it the same? You just don’t know whether or not it will be a happily ever after. So you begin to experiment and try to make it work. If it doesn’t, it’s just going to be a clear sky or unkissed lips.”

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