About Me


My name is Rajul Jagdish. I am a Gujarati who was brought up in Bangalore, Karnataka and lived a major portion of her life in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These days, I am being trained as a Psychological Counsellor from a Psychology and Research school in Bangalore. That is to say, I am inclined towards Psychology and Mental Health as much as I am a storyteller and a writer.

I have had a keen liking towards writing almost all of my life. Having read and written across various media platforms, I am both, a voracious reader and a consistent writer. Almost all of the years that have passed, I have had a keen desire to make a difference in at least one life I come across. I chose writing and psychology as a support for it. So far, it has been enjoyable.

More than Rajul, I have the world knowing me by the name Mishty. Go on, read my stories and you’ll know why. You can choose whichever suits you well.

I have a longing desire to learn Swimming, Ukelele, Japanese, German, and Salsa specifically in that order. I enjoy spending leisure time reading random stuff, booker books, and watch art motion media movies. I equally enjoy writing fictional stories, poetry, free verses, book/movie/motion media reviews, and sometimes about politics. That’s about what I like to write. Tell me your story!

I am looking forward to hearing from you about my work or in case you are looking to hire me, do visit the services page and write to me at rajulsam@gmail.com