I am Rajul Jagdish, a professional content writer, and creator. I have worked with various online magazines, Times of India, and for a probationary period with Youth Connect. I decided to begin my work independently given the politics and unjust experiences I’ve had. With over 4 years of experience in freelance content writing, I have written for various magazines and several clients as a freelance writer in multiple niches. Here’s all what I can help you with:

Article and Blog Writing:

I am here to help you write quality articles that are well-researched and will be error-free to meet your requirements in any platform you’d want to get it published. I have written in multiple niches and topics according to the client’s requirements. State your requirements and we shall work it out.

Web Content:

Attracting business customers via your own website is a huge responsibility. You risk your customers on it. I will also help you write catchy web-content to take your enterprise up a notch. Web Content functions on a fixed-rate basis. Get in touch to get a customized plan for your website via

Proofreading, Editing, Rewriting:

You could be anyone in this world who might require help in content editing or re-writing! Having a content material that seems right but may not be up to the mark. I will help you add a professional touch to it taking care of making it grammatically appropriate, syntactically correct, and also handle the SEO. I can help you proofread different material including reports, blogs, web-content, or even manuscripts.

Customized Content:

In case you are looking for something different and have a content map you’d want to execute, get in touch and we can discuss more. I will gladly provide content writing service to you.


I also am looking forward to writing requested book reviews. Just to be clear, I wouldn’t write a positive book review on demand unless I really like it! To get your book reviewed, you’ll have to send your book to me. For more details, do get in touch @

Connect to get more details on the pricing, how I work, and what more you can expect and get your content written as soon as possible!